What is the first thing that comes to mind when one hears the words “remodel?” Fairly certain it is not dustless tile removal.  Or dust free anything—more likely, mounds and mounds of dust and debris, stacked on broken concrete flooring with chalky streaks across once pristine walls…not a pretty sight.

In this day and age of unscrupulous contractors who pose as DustRam® impostors and DustRam® scam artists, one must be wary of being tricked into thinking they are the “real McCoy.”

Check out this video with our crew removing saltillo tile with the homeowner standing over us watching:

Anything the homeowner or contractor can do to minimize the impact construction has on the home is essential.

Over the past twelve years, DustRam, LLC has designed and patented dustless tile removal equipment, fine-tuning their products at every job site to be fast, clean, and effective.  These tools allow one to rip-up an assortment of flooring—tile, stone, carpet, Saltillo, and more—completely dust free by capturing dust at its creation.

With the patented machinery, a Certified DustRam® Contractor, such as Arizona Home Floors, LLC can even offer dustless concrete grinding and thinset removal.  Here is the link to a range of flooring removal videos and their YouTube Channel.

One may wonder about the DustRam® dust free tile removal cost, either for the service itself as a homeowner or for purchase of the equipment as a flooring professional.  The price for either is quickly recouped in time, health, and monetary savings for both the homeowner and contractor.

Using the DustRam® System method of dustless removal of tile saves time, as there is no need for preparation or the clean-up measures required by the outmoded dusty practices.  Plastic sheets, tape, fans, negative air machines and watering down the floor are a thing of the past.

The sole task one must do is clear the areas of flooring to be removed; there should be no appliances or furniture.  There is no call for packing up all the food in the pantry or removing clothing from the closets.

Here is a video of tile and thinset removed inside of a pantry with food still on the shelves in under 10 minutes:

Clean up is also a time saver because the crew must only pick up the debris left by the demolition itself; they do not have to tear down temporary walls, deterrents, and implements which do nothing to stop the production and release of the dust into the air.

The concrete is promptly ready for the next step of the installation to begin, always flatter, smoother and contaminant-free than the day it was initially set.  Time and effort are saved before and after the floor demolition for the homeowner as well as the removal company employees.

There are detrimental medical effects, whether the exposure is sporadic or ongoing, caused by inhalation of the dust created by demolition.  It is so well recognized, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has implemented security controls for those with jobs in the construction industry doing demolitions and are exposed to silica dust.

dustless tile removalThe carcinogenic particles formed by the destruction of tiles, concrete, rock, and landscaping material lead to lung cancer and more illnesses.  OSHA expects specific controls to be in place to keep employee exposure to a minimum.

These measures result in safer removal for the clients as well. The equipment and detail-oriented process used in the DustRam® System for removing tile dustless meet and exceed these standards.

And then there are the monetary savings. With the DustRam® System of machinery, there is no expenditure for useless supplies like plastic sheeting or fans.  There is no paying someone to stow away all belongings within the household and then turnaround and unpack them.

Hiring an air conditioning company to clean out the vents and service the A/C unit is not needed.  The extensive house cleaning called for by traditional removal of tile is a thing of the past with a Certified DustRam® Contractor.

Cupboards, electronics, curtains, walls, and everything else within the home will stay entirely dust free.  No hiring a cleaning agency or spending days doing it oneself.

And without dust, the homeowner does not need to vacate the premises, thereby saving on hotel costs.  All of this leads to a faster install and finishing of the total remodel, ultimately saving time and money.

Once one sees the benefits of having this service for their business or home with the value offered by DustRam® the next question is, “who is the DustRam® Certified Contractor near me that offers a dustless way of removing tile?”

For The Homeowner/Business Owner

The map below shows the currently certified contractors available countrywide.

As an owner who cares about the people and items in your home or business, dust free tile and flooring removal is the only way to proceed.  If there is not currently a Certified DustRam® Contractor in your area, reach out to those who are offering “virtually” or “clean” removal of floor tile.

Let them know you are interested in entirely dustless flooring removal and advise the company to contact DustRam, LLC at (480) 428-3880 to purchase the system to upgrade their performance.

Just a reminder— “virtually” and “clean” flooring removal claim to have a 95%-98% dust elimination rate.  If there is a 1000 square foot ceramic tile demolition and an average of 1-pound of dust per square foot, which equates to 50 to 20 pounds of dust left behind throughout the home or business for “clean” tile demo.

Tackling the dust one can see is monstrous.  Upholstery must be vacuumed; baseboards, walls, ceilings, windowsills must be wiped down, and the insides of cabinets and closets must be scrubbed.

So many additional places people do not usually think about—mantels, bookshelves, top of the refrigerator, ceiling fans and light fixtures, knick-knacks, photos, and rugs.  These are just the pieces one can physically see.

There are other after-effects that are even more unpleasant.  Electronics begin to misfire or mysteriously die within months of the remodel because of the concentration of dust trapped and hidden within their casings.

Also, even if air vents are vacuumed out and the filter changed promptly, air conditioning units can be suffocated and stop working unless properly serviced.  This results in thousands of dollars repairing or replacing expensive belongings; all of which can be avoided if one uses the dust free system of removing tile available through Certified DustRam® Contractors.

Another concern for the long run is the hazards created by the breaking of tile or other flooring and the thinset grinding or concrete profiling to get the area ready for the new installation.  As previously mentioned, the silica dust formed is carcinogenic, and the effects are cumulative and irreversible.

Limited exposure still causes damage to those doing the work—do-it-yourself homeowners or even a contracted removal crew.  This makes the dust free projects completed by Arizona Home Floors, LLC and additional Certified DustRam® Contractors an excellent value from the health standpoint alone.

dustram dust freeThere is also the wasted time (equates to wasted money) spent using the ineffective methods of plastic sheeting or fans in the windows.  Some companies still water down the concrete before the final grinding step.

The water adds to the wait time before proceeding with the installation; at times causing extended delays before the concrete is adequately dried.  With the dustless approach, the job is completed faster without the setup and take-down of inadequate protections and the use of excellent tools patented and specialized in capturing dust at its production.

Time and money are also saved as the DustRam® System process creates a flatter flooring, so the installation of new materials is almost problem-free.  Altogether, for the business or homeowner, dust free removal provides a speedier, healthier, cleaner, and ultimately cheaper option than traditional flooring removal practices.

Contact your neighborhood Certified DustRam® Contractor to schedule your dust free flooring removal today.

For The Contractor

If you are a licensed flooring professional or contractor who would like to learn more about DustRam®, its products available for purchase, and territories being offered, please contact us.

With DustRam® equipment, contractors can complete jobs three to five times faster than with traditional methods as there is no wasted time hanging ineffectual barriers, less overall clutter, and flatter, cleaner surfaces so installation can begin promptly.

dustram tile removal tool

The patented equipment is of military-grade construction, so it is very rugged and capable and likely to last for decades with proper use and maintenance.  DustRam, LLC includes training for the team in these procedures to assure entirely dustless flooring removal and the precise care of the devices.

There are over 170+ individual components (depending on the size of the package) to the system of equipment as well as specific measures to ensure dustless tile and flooring removal.  It includes the distinctly designed PulseRam® industrial-strength vacuums utilizing three self-cleaning HEPA filters.

There are also dust shrouds to trap the particulates as soon as they are created. Every piece of hardware and step in the process controls dust and debris for the cleanest demolition possible.

The DustRam® System equipment opens new market opportunities for an enterprising contractor.  One may now complete projects in medical facilities such as hospitals, and restaurants, schools, or libraries as these require one to complete demolition within relatively sterile environments.

With the dust free procedure, the contractor can even do jobs in corporate offices or high-tech manufacturing environments.  Whether one wants to compete in the residential or commercial sector, or a combination of both, DustRam® can make it happen.

Understanding Dustless Floor Removal

In today’s digital world, there are a lot of resources to research companies. In the old days, you could simply talk to neighbors and friends to learn about which company to go with.

When researching the right company for your flooring removal project, there are a few questions you will want to ask and why you should ask them:

  1. Experience – How long has the company been in the business of removing flooring? How long have they been claiming to be dust free or dustless?  Companies like Arizona Home Floors, which started the industry, started offering this service back in 2010.
  2. Equipment – The patented DustRam Equipment is the only complete system that enables contractors from around the country to remove all types of flooring dust free on a daily basis.
  3. Crew size – Most companies have one or two people that show up to a job, whether it’s residential or commercial. The larger the company, the sooner your project will be completed and less time you will be inconvenienced.
  4. Reviews – Always check reviews, written are great, but it’s even better if you have a customer on video. Oftentimes during flooring removal, the homeowners are not home, look for videos where homeowners are present and where they discuss their experience.
  5. Videos – Speaking of reviews, videos are very important. Here is an example of how Arizona Home Floors is able to grind away thinset dust free from a concrete slab while the homeowner is there:

Companies such as Arizona Home Floors are licensed, bonded and insured.

dustram dump trailer

DustRam Dump Trailer

Here is an article on Yahoo Finance about DustRam and the difference between terms like “virtually dust free”.


Before you hire a company, one of the first things you need to do is request to see that they are indeed licensed and have current insurance, including a valid Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Policy. 

Be wary of companies who only have “General Liability Insurance,” because you as a home or business owner will not be protected from a lawsuit in the event one of your Contractor’s workers is hurt or killed while on your property.

This should be something that a company presents from the beginning, but oftentimes, companies don’t like to tell you if they are not insured.

As a homeowner, you need to know that some states, such as Arizona, have rules about unlicensed contractors.

If a contractor in Arizona quotes a floor removal project over $1,000 it is a class 1 misdemeanor and you should report them.

Homeowners: Call DustRam at (480) 428-3880 to learn more about the process, equipment or to get an estimate on your project if you are local to the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Contractors: Complete THIS FORM to receive pricing information about becoming a DustRam® Certified Contractor and how you can start offering dustless tile removal to homeowners and businesses.