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Why Exposure to Tile Dust is Dangerous

-The Dangers Of Crystalline Silica Dust-


How to prevent exposure to respirable silica dust from traditional and virtually dust-free tile removal services.

Many naturally occurring minerals in the earth’s crust produce crystalline silica. It can be found in stone, sand, and concrete. This means it’s abundantly found in building materials and construction sites. Man-made products like glass, ceramic, faux stone, and bricks will contain crystalline silica as well-meaning it is found extremely easily. You might think that because silica is so abundant, it would be safe for humans, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In its large form, crystalline silica doesn’t pose much of a threat. The problem occurs when it is chipped, cut, ground, or drilled for building purposes. These mechanical methods produce very fine silica dust. The small particles of dust formed in this process are a hundred times smaller than a sand grain. When they are inhaled or enter the eyes they can cause severe short-term and long-term harm to the body.

But what does this mean for your home? Does it mean it’s filled with a dangerous substance that could harm you and your family? Absolutely. But this dust is only created and exposed when undergoing home remodeling projects. For example, when you remove tile our install a new subfloor. This can produce the small, dangerous particles of dust that we want to avoid.

We cannot overstate how important it is to utilize these safe construction methods. You do not want to make the mistake of investing in the cheapest remodeling option possible if it could lead to any of the serious health consequences covered below.

OSHA Silica Dust Standards and Regulations

Silicosis Caused by Silica Dust Exposure

Diseases Caused by Inhaling Silica Dust from a Traditional Tile Removal


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease also known as COPD is a chronic inflammatory lung condition resulting in obstructed airflow from the lungs. COPD causes breath shortness due to difficulty breathing air into the lungs. Wheezing, cough, and mucus production are other common symptoms of COPD. Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are 2of the most common conditions that factor into chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. COPD can worsen over time and is not usually reversible. While there is no cure, it can still be treated – CDC

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copd silica dust

2. Kidney Disease

This is yet another potentially lethal disease that can be caused by exposure to silica dust. Studies have found that construction workers as well as people who work regularly with pottery have the highest chance of developing kidney disease caused by silica dust. But even if you do not work around the dust regularly you can still develop the same health problems due to brief, high-volume exposure.

Studies have also found that kidney disease caused by silica dust is often more fatal than kidney disease caused by pre-existing health conditions. One study found silica-related kidney disease to be twice as fatal. Even in non-fatal cases, patients are still required to live with frequent dialysis and eventual kidney transplants. It is a fate most of us would want to avoid.

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3. Lung Cancer

The longer you are exposed to silica dust the more severe the health problems can become. Perhaps the most severe risk is the development of lung cancer. Workers who are constantly exposed to silica dust are at the highest risk for developing cancer. However, living in a home where silica dust has been released poses a serious risk as well. Likewise, high exposure over a brief period can lead to the development of Silicosis or lung cancer.

Silica dust does not discriminate regarding who it affects. People of all ages, genders, and races can develop serious health conditions if exposed to the mineral. That is why it is so important to work with professionals who understand the dangers and how to contain them.

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4. Silicosis

One of the most well-known problems is a lung disease known as Silicosis. This is an incurable disease that can be developed after only a few months of exposure to breathable silica dust. Silicosis by itself is already devastating, but it can also develop into more severe conditions, such as lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, and kidney disease.

The formation of Silicosis may not be noticeable at first. The tiny particles of silica first cause inflammation in the lungs. The lungs then form nodules and develop severe scarring. The silica remains in the lungs and continues to cause damage over weeks, months, and years. Lung capacity will steadily diminish until symptoms are severe enough for diagnosis.

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What You Will Endure By Not Choosing a Dustless Tile Removal

Health Risks

It starts with the basics and that includes your health. You do not want to complete this as a DIY project without the right equipment as the silica dust will spread everywhere and do quite a bit of damage once you breathe it in. This is a project that should be handled by professionals that know how to make sure the silica dust does not become problematic. Plus, you are going to save quite a bit of time when it comes to the project as it is difficult to complete.

If you do not look at a good removal solution, you will end up with a significant amount of silica dust per square foot. Each square foot will produce approximately a pound of silica dust! This is dangerous for everyone inside the property including pets, seniors, children, and anyone else that breathes the air regularly. It is even worse for those who already have lung-related issues and find it difficult to breathe.

Cleaning Expenses

There are additional expenses to think about when removing flooring. You will have to get rid of the silica dust as soon as you begin working on it and that can be messy. This means you will have to foot the bill for a cleaning service to do it properly. This can add up quickly and it is something you will want to avoid to the best of your ability.
The dust is going to be everywhere whether it is the ceiling, mantels, bookshelves, shoes, windowsills, and essentially any other part of the house.

By going with DustRam®, you are going to know the dust will not spread. It is going to be contained by the equipment and that is going to save you quite a bit of money immediately. This alone is a huge advantage and why DustRam® is rated as a top-tier floor removal service today. Take the time to reach out to our team and gain access to a world-class floor removal service provider.

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