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dustram dustless tile removal

Dustless Tile Removal in Fresno, California

Going with a world-class dust-free tile removal in Fresno, California, is a must and that’s where DustRam® comes into action with its industry-grade solutions. Whether it is time to remove carpeting, stone, wood, ceramic, porcelain, backsplash, saltillo, or more, the team can do it all. DustRam® continues to set the tone for well-established dust-free floor removals and is the perfect option due to its patented equipment ensuring a truly dustless result.

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dustram dustless tile removal

Watch Our Team Remove Flooring, Dust Free.

24 Times Patented Dustless Tile Removal Technology

DustRam® is notable for offering access to top-tier dustless tile removal technology that is fully patented throughout the US. This makes it an innovative, world-class solution for your tile removal needs. Instead of having silica dust spread throughout the house, it can be contained by the DustRam® equipment that was designed to capture and hold the dangerous dust. This is ideal for those who are worried about silica dust inside the home and want to keep it as contained as possible.

This DustRam® system is appreciated for being efficient and ideal for all removal services. We have taken the time to engineer a refined solution that ensures dust remains contained while completing the project. This is essential as a lot of dust is produced during the process whether it is stone, ceramic, porcelain, sheet vinyl, or black mastic glue. Using the right type of removal equipment is a must and that is what you get with the trustworthy dust-free tile removal tools available here.

Learn about the dangers of crystalline silica dust inhalation and why dustless tile removal in Houston is the best route to take.

Choosing Dustless Instead of Traditional Tile Removal

DustRam® offers trustworthy dust-free tile removal. We are known for going above and beyond when it comes to removing any type of flooring without compromising the quality. This is what makes us a market leader in the industry. We are the number one source for dustless flooring removal, capturing the dust and making sure it never goes airborne. We are the cleaner option for commercial and residential jobs in the nation. With the DustRam® System, you can rest assured that the job will get done correctly the first time around. Find a professional dust-free tile removal company near you!

A Better, Faster, and Cleaner Tile Removal Process

It comes down to knowing the flooring will be removed safely and isn’t going to compromise your health inside the house. This is critical for those who want a straightforward solution without excess dust. Our system is made for your needs and will reduce the stress you may have about silica dust indoors.

The amount of dust that is generated by this type of floor removal can be substantial. This is why it can start to spread to all parts of the property and leave quite a mark. It also becomes a serious hazard as silica dust is noted for doing a lot of harm to those who breathe it in. Upon exposure, it can lead to several short and long-term health issues that are difficult to recover from. This is why any type of flooring material that needs to be removed should be done with the help of our system. It simply works whether it is tile or stone. near you!

We Don’t Expose You to Crystalline Silica Dust

Based on the research that has been done into crystalline silica, it is noted as being a respiratory hazard. This is why it is often breathed in by occupational workers and they end up dealing with severe medical symptoms associated with the lungs. This includes the silica dust acting as a carcinogen and causing lung cancer in patients. It is best to make sure you are aware of this and avoid going with a service that doesn’t account for this. Silica dust inhalation is dangerous that is why we eliminate exposure with our specialized tools and equipment that capture the dust at the source. near you!


Are you looking for a contractor that removes flooring with precision? Choose a DustRam® certified contractor because we use the best system currently out on the market. Dustless tile removal leaves your home cleaner than it was before we first stepped foot in the door. No other methodology will leave your home cleaner and your subfloor better prepared for the installation. Our company is well-trained and equipped to provide you with the highest-quality services in existence. Choose DustRam® for your tile removal in Fresno, California.Below are the 2 main reasons you should hire our team.

1. Health

The average homeowner will not have enough DIY experience to handle tile removal tools. This can lead to operational errors that are hazardous to your health over the short and long term. This can also start to impact the body through wear and tear, which is a substantial issue with improper usage. In most cases, it is not easy to remove tile, and this makes it an extremely challenging DIY project. Without the proper technology and know-how, you are risking exposing yourself and your loved ones to tile dust. A pound of dust is created per square foot of removed tile. This means that hundreds of pounds of dust can go airborne by not choosing an expert to perform a dustless tile removal.

As expected, when multiple hundreds of square feet need to be removed at once, this creates a substantial amount of dust. The dust particles can do a tremendous amount of damage to a person’s body and can also spread throughout the property leading to additional damage. This dust can impact the house, pets, children, and/or those who suffer from allergies. This is a serious concern and one that is also associated with long-term conditions such as cancer or lung disease. This can start to impact how a person breathes after they have been exposed.

2. Cleaning

Removing the tiles is one task but the cleaning process is undeniably time-consuming when you are partaking in a DIY project. It is not easy to go through and start to clean the entire property because dust has spread everywhere. This includes the carpets, curtains, rugs, and/or any other element that is in the area. It will take months and sometimes years to clean up the dust that landed in the ceiling, walls, baseboards, light fixtures, and more.

You also have to think about additional, hard-to-reach spots such as hanging photos, bookshelves, mantels, and even closets. A professional cleaning company will be necessary to clean up the dust. This may cost you a significant amount and more than you projected on your overall spend. It can end up being around $500 per cleaning session and many will require multiple cleanings for months to come.

If the dust isn’t removed, it can have a tremendous impact on your overall health inside the property. It will get everywhere. This is why the DustRam® System is essential as it will capture the dust and make sure it doesn’t spread everywhere. Take the time to reach out to our team and ensure dust doesn’t pollute the air inside your home.

Hire a Dust Free Tile Removal Contractor

Several health issues come from exposure to crystalline silica dust that is produced during a tile removal job. Inhaling the dust can cause respiratory problems and much more. The OSHA implemented security control for these types of jobs in the construction field because of the risk and exposure to silica dust. These particles are carcinogenic meaning they cause lung cancer and other serious illnesses. With the DustRam equipment, you don’t have to worry about these problems because our advanced technology allows us to capture the dust particles, keeping you and your loved ones safe!

If you still choose to hire a contractor that practices the traditional method, in an effort to save more money, you should know that you will actually end up spending more. Not only will you be investing in the actual floor removal, but you will also have to hire a cleaning company several times to clean up the dust. Unfortunately, even after multiple cleaning sessions, dust is not completely gone. The dust pervades your home and landside cabinets, clothes, the pantry, drawers, and much more – making it difficult for the cleaning company to completely get rid of it. Avoid all of the unwanted problems by choosing dust free tile removal in Fresno, California.

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