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Dustless Tile Removal in Orlando, Florida

If you are looking for a dustless tile removal in Orlando, Florida, look no further than the leader of dust-free tile removal services in the nation. Hire a contractor that removes your floor, captures all the dust, and leaves the subfloor better prepared for the new flooring installation. Contact us today to get a free project estimate, receive more information about the dustless process, and how to get started.

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The DustRam® System Captures Tile Dust at Production


If you are in the market for flooring removal services, like thin-set, tile, or wood, hiring an experienced company that operates using traditional methods will result in the mass production of floor dust that will necessitate several follow-up cleaning sessions in the future. The tile dust generated by 200 sq. feet of ceramic tile or thin-set mortar removal through tile chipping, is equal to a minimum of 100 pounds of silica dust. Floor removal will create about 1lb of dust for each square foot of tile removal. As a result, a 700 square foot floor removal can possibly generate 700 pounds of silica dust! Therefore, you should choose dust-free tile removal with DustRam®

Not only will you endure the inconvenience of a dusty mess, but the traditional floor removal will expose you to the dangerous dust known as crystalline silica. Silica is hazardous, according to OSHA. Silica dust is an allergen and respiratory trigger for hypersensitive groups in the community. Tile dust is labeled a carcinogen and extended exposure puts you at risk for cancer, silicosis, and other serious illnesses. In 2017 a final ruling by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was made on crystalline silica dust mitigation. The ruling established that companies must stay under the permissible exposure level of silica dust due to the respiratory risk of inhalation of the microscopic particles.

Inhaling crystalline silica dust is not only bad for occupational workers but is also unhealthy for customers who become exposed. The DustRam® system complies with the OSHA standards. We keep the work environment of our employees below the permissible exposure level thanks to our industrial-grade dust shrouds on every piece in our system. Choose dust-free tile removal, the safer, cleaner, healthier process that does not expose you to crystalline silica dust.

Watch Some of the Past DustRam® Projects

Watch the video above to see how the DustRam® System works! No dust is released back into the home

The DustRam® System grinds down the thinset leaving you with a significantly smoother and flatter subfloor.

Debris from a shower tile removal, countertop removal and Saltillo tile. Your home is left cleaner than it was when we first arrived.

DustRam® EdgeRam® is being used to remove thin-set under cabinetry. The concrete is flat and smooth.

DustRam® EdgeRam® is being used to remove thin-set under cabinetry. The concrete is flat and smooth.

DustRam® is available for flooring contractors in the nation. If you are interested in our system, contact us today.

Watch one of our contractors remove Saltillo tile flooring using the DustRam® System. The homeowner reviews our services.

In this video you will see the difference between a traditional tile removal and the DustRam® dustless solution

A 95-pound woman removes tile floor using the advanced DustRam® System of tools and equipment

Not Your Average Flooring Removal Company

DustRam®’s system allows the contractor to chip tile floor, capture the debris, and grind down the thinset to the slab without exposing the homeowner or worker to silica dust. The DustRam® certified contractor is able to do this all while remaining under the PEL standard.

The benefits of the DustRam® system don’t end there. While ceramic tile is the focus, Saltillo, slate, travertine, and marble can all be removed as well as other flooring materials. Our DustRam® system is recognized country-wide because it leaves the subfloor in pristine condition.

An added benefit of grinding away thin-set is that with proper profiling, we will help to ensure the proper bonding recommended by ANSI A108 and the Tile Council of North America, by creating anchor patterns on the concrete slab.

DustRam® is designed to give you peace of mind by preparing your floor with proper scarification processes, which will help to ensure the new floor will adhere to the substrate properly. Below you will see how our team performs dustless tile removal faster, better, and cleaner than any other company in the nation. Watch more videos here.

Over 24 U.S. Patents On Tools & Equipment

DustRam® is the cutting-edge expert on tile removal in Orlando! The DustRam® equipment and system allow them to capture dust as it is produced. DustRam® removes 99.97% of the dust. With over 24 patents on tools and equipment, DustRam® is truly the industry leader of dust-free tile removal services across the United States.

The DustRam® System offers many health benefits to tile removal. We naturally improve the preparation work and standing of the subfloor in your home. This means that after the dustless tile removal, your subfloor will be flatter, smoother, and better prepared for the installation process.

DustRam® grinds off the thin-set from the concrete slab. Numerous demolition businesses miss this step, leaving behind a pattern of thin-set on the concrete. This greatly impacts the installation because the subfloor is not completely flat the way it should be.

In such cases, the next floor is placed on top of aged thinset. This process isn’t recommended. Old thinset turns out to be the weakest point in the new floor and it inhibits the bonding abilities of the new adhesive glue, or thin set extremely well when grinded. Cracks and lippage in the floor could occur as time passes as a result of an incorrectly laid floor. This is one of the tradeoffs of hiring traditional tile removal contractors versus dust free. Whether you’re looking for a tile removal or a dust free adhesive, thinset, or hardwood removal, you can count on us to get it right the first time.

We Grind Thinset and Scarify the Concrete for Better Bonding

Chipping and removing tile floors are extremely dusty processes. Since dust production happens in such large quantities, traditional tile removal contractors don’t grind off thinset. Even though scraping the thin-set is extremely dusty, it is nothing compared to the dust storm created by using a grinder on the remaining thin-set without the patented grinding attachment that DustRam® has designed.

SurfRam® allows our team to grind thinset and capture any dust expelled by the removal process. We also prepare your concrete slab for installation better than any other contractor can. Your concrete floor will be completely bare, smoothed out, and prepared for installation. We will not leave a dusty mess in your home. Our vacuums suck up the tile dust the moment it is created during the tile chipping process. Contact us today for your dustless tile removal in Orlando.

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